Virtual Talk with Doc

Virtual Talk with Doc

Virtual Talk with Doc is our webinar based lecture series that invites local doctors to give talks on their area of expertise to help educate the public on health-related topics. These talks are free, accessible, and open to anyone.

Northern Hearts Most Recent Webinar:

Heart Palpitations… what do I need to know?

Dr. Sadreddini, a Cardiologist at TBRHSC, provided an informative and educational discussion on the common causes of heart palpitations and recommendations on when individuals should become worried. The webinar was well attended and Dr. Sadreddini addressed many questions from the attendees related to their personal situation with heart palpitations. Thank you to all the participants for attending and being so engaged. Thanks once again Dr. Sadreddini for taking time to share your knowledge with us, we all benefited from your wisdom and advice.

Here is a link to the webinar:

Meeting Recording:

Dr. Sadreddini’s online presentation is part of Northern Hearts “Virtual Talk with Doc” programming that focusses on education in an effort to reduce the high incidence of cardiovascular disease in Northwestern Ontario.

If you have suggestions for future “Talk with Doc” sessions that you would like to see or if you would like to be notified of our upcoming Webinars, please contact Kayla Waddington, Program Coordinator, Northern Hearts