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Diabetes and Your Heart

Diabetes and Your Heart

Northern Hearts partnered with Compass North, a student-led health outreach program, to offer a presentation on “Diabetes and Your Heart” on Wednesday, October 25th at the Oliver Road Community Centre

Claire Poulin and Aleksis Penna, both candidates at NOSM University, along with their supervisor, Camille Smith offered an informative presentation on Diabetes, how it impacts the heart, and what you can do about it.

The presentation was part of Northern Heart’s “Talk with Doc” series that offers educational resources to help reduce heart disease in Northwestern Ontario.




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Hypertension: Why the Hype?

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) is a chronic disease that affects many people, especially as we age. It is treatable, but also to some extent, preventable. This talk presents the importance of controlling Hypertension and High Blood Pressure for your overall health.

Grace Fox, HBScN MN NP PHC/Adult, Nurse Practitioner and Northern Hearts Board Member offered an informative and entertaining talk on Hypertension and offered suggestions on how to manage it.

Saturday, March 25th 1:00-2:00pm

Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre, 700 River Street, Thunder Bay, On

Grace’s presentation was part of the “Health and Wellness Expo” being held that day at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre.





Previous Talks

Dr. Andrew Affleck presented a “Talk with Doc” on “Aging Hearts” at the 55+ Centre on September 22, as part of their lunch and learn programming. Over 70 people attended the informative presentation on aging, the aging process and how it impacts the heart.

Virtual Talk with Doc is our webinar-based lecture series that invites local doctors to give talks on their area of expertise to help educate the public on health-related topics. These talks are free, accessible, and open to anyone.


Recent Talks:


Aging Heart

Dr. Andrew Affleck

Although you cannot see it, your heart normally shows the effects of aging over time. Dr. Andrew Affleck will review how the heart and arteries normally age, how it can affect your lifestyle and what you can do to keep your heart healthy.

Dr. Affleck’s webinar is available to view on the Northern Hearts YouTube Channel. Please click on the following link:


Previous Talks:

Beating the Blues

Dr. Mario Nucci, MD, CCFP,

Dr. Mario Nucci, a local family physician practicing in mental health, discusses mental well-being and the importance of beating the blues while offering recommendations to help improve your overall health.

 To view the video click on the following link:



Thank you Dr. Nucci for your educational presentation and support for Northern Hearts.

If you have suggestions for future “Talk with Doc” sessions that you would like to see or if you would like to be notified of our upcoming Webinars, please contact Kayla Waddington, Program Coordinator, Northern Hearts